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Aux timeline manual roll vs Command Cue roll behavior difference


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I have two Aux Timelines.

Timeline 1 is my background and has Command Cues to load and then roll Timeline 2.

Timeline 2 is my "pip" overlay.

If I hit the Stop button manually (red box turns to outline, "pre-roll"?) and then Play Timeline 2 everything works fine.

If I do the same thing with Control Cues set to pause (red box outline) and then Play Timeline 2 everything breaks.

Timeline 2 lags and refuses to start correctly. My Opacity tween is gone, the video starts about 2 seconds in and just jumps into frame.

I cannot get Commend Cues to roll Aux Timelines without this issue.

The pause and roll Command Cues are 5 seconds apart so I am well outside the Pre-Roll time.

I don't understand why a manual roll works but using Command Cues does not.

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