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Display Computer disconnecting after long inactivity?


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Hi everybody!


I had an issue with a display computer disconnecting after long periods of inactivity. It was weird because the computer wasn't gonig to sleep and it didn't shut down. But when the production computer wasn't sending content for what seemed like more than a minute, the connection would be lost, and the only way to fix it would be to restart the display computer. We found that adding a black solid under everything that was playing the whole time was enough to maintain the connection, but I've never run into the issue on other machines

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We have observed situations where Windows background tasks that execute during inactivity take down WATCHOUT. That can occur with images on the screen while sitting in pause. That is the reason Windows Enterprise is recommended, as those things can be disabled in Enterprise and not in consumer Windows versions.

why adding a still image fools windows into thinking there is activity when it otherwise would sense inactivity is a mystery to me.

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