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Hi guys, first time poster here, and I hopefully have an easy question someone can answer. Normally we get our rigs pre-built with Watchout and everything that goes along with it installed on them. Today I'm having an issue with the VNC on the Control Computer. I'm getting the error, "VNC Viewer: Error- Failed to Read Configuration File" whenever I try to remote display into a slaved computer. I see the actual viewer pop up through the projector on the slaved computer, but I don't get the window on the Control Computer. Normally I'd just contact the company who pre-installs the relevant files, but to summarize, I can't get a hold of them today. I'm running Watchout 5.2, and I don't see any VNC software on the computer (such as RealVNC). So my question is, what do I need to install exactly, and are there specific settings to get it up and going?

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This is a known problem in 5.2. It will be fixed in 5.3. In the meantime, you can work around it by not opening WATCHOUT production software by doubleclicking a .watch file. Instead, first open the application, then choose the file from within the application.


There's nothing you need to instal in addition to WATCHOUT, which includes its own local copy of VNC.


Hope this helps.



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