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  1. Hi guys, I got a weird one for you. I have two Windows 10 display machines built to spec with the official tweaker using WX7100s. On both of them, when I attach a Decimator to them (HDMI in to SDI Out), Watchout takes a long time to load. Usually a minute or so in it works. When I sync up Watchout, I get the "Watchout has changed frequency from 60hz to 59.94 error. Generally after that it's okay. However, that's only okay good for up to two displays. When I throw a third display in the mix, Watchout continually just looks like it's trying to load to the IP screen.. (Yes, they do have active adapters.) This is the same on both machines. Plugging them into hdmi monitors can get all 3 without the frequency error too . The input on the Decimator reads 1080p 59.94hz. Trying to emulate an EDID makes all my screens go black and I have to reboot, though it does accept it. However, emulated edid's didn't seem to work either. I've also tried adjusting my refresh rate in Windows and the AMD software and still the same thing. I'm using the Q4 2017 Drivers. I've tried different cables, decimators, ports, and adapters too with no luck. I've also looked through the Decimator settings, but there is nothing there. I also have a Windows 7 build with near same specs, same graphics card, same driver, just a different MOBO/CPU. That works fine with the exact same setup and gives me all three no problem. The only difference is the Decimator reads the input as 60hz and not 59.94. On the Windows 10 builds I tried to emulate that and no luck still. If I had to guess, it seems to me like Watchout and something else are fighting for priority rights with the Decimator (or something else). However, I have no idea what. Has anyone else had this before?
  2. So this is a weird request. I'm basically trying to control Panasonic shutter cues through Watchout, but I'm actively avoiding trying to using the PJ Link command. For the inevitable question why, this is because of the stupid port closing issue that happens after 30 seconds. I know I can spam the command multiple times, but I really don't want to. I need to work when it's supposed to, not on the 4th try. The web command always works, so I'm trying to give that a shot. Anyway, in the past I've sent URL commands successfully to Panasonic PTZ cameras, so I think this would be the same. What I'm trying to send is: GET /cgi-bin/proj_ctl.cgi?key=shutter_on&lang=e&osd=on$0D I've sent this on ports 1024 and 4352. Unfortunately, no luck with either. That link works though in a browser once I add the IP before it. I think it's failing because I'm missing authentication for the login. However, this I don't know how to send in Watchout. My login/password is set to "admin1" with no password. Has anyone had any success with this before?
  3. Had something similar happen a few years back. It ended up being Quicktime was scheduled to look for an update once a week. It's probably something similar on your rig.
  4. Hi guys, hoping someone has some experience with this. So the show I'm loading in is using Creative Conner's Spikemark Automation software. That software has a plugin that allows it to send location data to Watchout as long as we're on the same network. I know I need to use formula expressions to make it work, but I'm just getting lost in the User's Manual trying to understand exactly how they work. Realistically, I'm not doing anything complicated. It's just a rolldrop that they want video and automation sync'd in and out with. So it should be just messing with the Y coordinate in a Formula. So my main two questions are this: 1.) Because I'm on the same network as them, do I need to create a new input, and if so, is that a Generic input? 2.) Can someone give me a rough idea what I'm supposed to enter into that Y value? I do plan on contacting Creative Conner's to see if they have any sort of help, but I wanted here first, since all I see on their website is how to make it work in their end of the software.
  5. Can confirm that Lightware's TPS Extenders work through over 200' feet of Cat 6 cable. (They're spec'd for 300' I believe.) Make sure it's shielded Cat 6 and you should be fine.
  6. So I've been I'm running a show on 5.5.2 for about a month now with no problems until about two days ago. I'm pretty comfortable with Watchout and troubleshooting, but this one is really stumping me. To start, I'm running 7 projectors off two computers. Most of it is just PSD's with the occasional M2V. The problem on my pre show check in which one of the 7 (We'll call it #1 on PC #1) dropped a few minutes from displaying anything. It just went black. I restarted Watchout and it came back. The show went fine until about 10 minutes until the end when Projector #2 on PC #1 went dark. As it was relatively unimportant, we ignored it and I troubleshooted it at the end of the night. Restarting Watchout didn't fix it, but restarting PC #1 did. The next day, I booted up and Projector #2 on PC #1 did not show up. Rebooting Watchout or the computer didn't help, so I restarted PC #1 and it worked only to have Projector #1 on PC #1 do the same thing. Restarted everything again and Projector #3 on PC #2 failed. At this point I'm really confused. Do another full restart of everything and it works. The show went fine. Today I get to work and boot up everything to discover Projector #2 on PC #1 failed to boot up remotely. I get a lamp error light blink on lamp #2. So at this point I'm wondering if this is a projector issue. I kill power to the projector and restart it. The error goes away and both lamps fire without problem. Tonight's show Projector #4 on PC #2 glitches out during a M2V. It causes the other 2 on that system to freeze, but they all reset 10 seconds later and the other 4 (including the two with issues) had no problems. So at this point I'm really lost on what it might be. I'm running all Lightware TPS extenders on Panasonic 6700s with new lamps and filters and feeding audio through an m-audio FastTrack pro. I plan to replace lamps and check voltage on Projector #2 tomorrow, but that's a blind guess as to what the problem is. Forgot to add, the error I always get is Unexpected Display Reconfiguration.
  7. So I'm about at my wits end on this problem. I'm currently running a Panasonic DZ21KU projector. I've been trying to get Watchout to accept Shutter commands via RS232 and/or TCP but both are not working. I've run a COM Port Test program and have sent the shutter commands successfully from the display computer to the Projector it's attached to, and I've also been able to log into the Projector from a browser and send commands from the Panasonic Interface via Cat5 so I know the Projector, the adapter, and the IP all are correct. Current version of Watchout is 5.3.1 on all PCs. But still, nothing when I send it through Watchout. Here's a breakdown of what I'm doing. RS232: Confirmed I'm in COM1 Verified my USB to Serial Drivers Baud Rate is 9600, No Parity, All other settings match Projector from the Projector Menu Tried commands for Shutter IN: [sTX] OSH:1 [ETX]$0D {STX} OSH:1 {ETX}$0D 02 OSH:1 03 $0D /02 OSH:1 /03 $0D All the above without spaces None of these work in a Task or Composition Timeline. Tried another display computer, no luck. For LAN: Disabled the admin password Set Port to 4352 Set IP to in both Watchout and on the Projector and clicked the Save Settings button on the Projector Gateway set to No DHNS RJ Link is Enabled Tried UDP and TCP Pinged the computers from the Projector Browser software successfully Using the command %1AVMT 31%0D to Shutter Anyone have an idea?
  8. Hi guys, first time poster here, and I hopefully have an easy question someone can answer. Normally we get our rigs pre-built with Watchout and everything that goes along with it installed on them. Today I'm having an issue with the VNC on the Control Computer. I'm getting the error, "VNC Viewer: Error- Failed to Read Configuration File" whenever I try to remote display into a slaved computer. I see the actual viewer pop up through the projector on the slaved computer, but I don't get the window on the Control Computer. Normally I'd just contact the company who pre-installs the relevant files, but to summarize, I can't get a hold of them today. I'm running Watchout 5.2, and I don't see any VNC software on the computer (such as RealVNC). So my question is, what do I need to install exactly, and are there specific settings to get it up and going?
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