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SDI output for Watchout?


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I'm looking for a good reliable way to get SDI directly out of Watchout. 1 card that has SDI as well as DVI / HDMI out also for the local monitor.. Or, has anyone had luck with a DVI over SDI converter? I was using the Blackmagic DVI to SDI converters, however they seem to break a lot so we have gotten rid of them. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.....

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As far as we know, there is NO SDI video cards with DirectX/DIrect3D hardware acceleration.

WATCHOUT relies on this, so a video card are NOT a drop-in replacement for a graphics card.


Basically, there is NO usable graphics card, for WATCHOUT use, with SDI/HDSDI/3G-SDI or 4K output.


The only way to do SDI output, as I see it, is using something like this:



Inserted after the graphics card output. Does SDI/HDSDI/3G-SDI up to 1080p60.

Used extensively by CT in London among others.


The other way is using a scaler after the DVI output.



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