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Time line control from Dshan Cue Light

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The Perfect Cue receivers send keystrokes to the operating system - usually right-arrow and left-arrow for next/previous slides. On the Dsan website you can download their CueLightProgrammerSetup software(PC only) which allows you to change the commands associated with each button so, for example, you could set the 'next' button to use the command for the spacebar instead and trigger the current Watchout timeline to play. Unlike, say, a Streamdeck, you don't have any control over which timeline is targeted by the play commands.

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If you are redefining a keypress, 0 on the numeric keypad is a positive play (no toggle) . If you are already playing, pressing number pad 0 key will not interrupt play.


Spacebar Start timeline (toggle)  
Esc Pause timeline (no toggle)  
NUM 0 Start timeline (no toggle)  
NUM * Jump to last start position


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