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Assett pending WO 7.1.2

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Are you sure that the assets have already traveled to the display server?

When loading a file into the asset server or assets window, you'll first see a progress bar underneath the name of the file in the assets window. This indicates that the new asset is getting optimized.

Then, if you drag such a file into a timeline, the display computer (runner) will ask the asset manager for the file and copy it to it's own drive.

There is also some progress bar to visualize this step but it is a bit more hidden.

Click onto the small clock symbol next to the message bell symbol in the top right corner of the producer software.

If media is traveling to a runner, you'll see a progress bar indicating the remaining time.

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BTW, neither .mov nor .mp4 endings can tell anything about the codec of such a file. Both are just envelopes and NOT codecs.

.mov can hold many different codecs from HAP to ProRes to H.264 or H.265 or uncompressed or animation or....

.mp4 can hold AVC/H.264 but I've also seen H.265 files in such an envelope.

So specifying "envelopes" as media definitions is about the same as telling someone that you send a letter in a blue envelope. Won't tell the receiver anything about what's inside.

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It has already been tried to place the playback server as an asset manager so that it would have the files. When adding the files, the optimization bar that you mention is not shown.

The file is in .mov with prosert 422 lt codec

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-04-04 a las 08.57.43_1573ea77.jpg

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