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s3d preview monitor

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is there any 3dmonitor solution to be able to see the 3d effect without a 3d beamer setup? i tried nvidia 3d Vision Pro but there seems to be no driver support.

Is it possible to communicate via sbs to a 3d TV set




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No, I don't think so.

NVidia 3D VIsion will not work if it's active 3D, WATCHOUT supports ONLY passive 3D,

1 output for L eye, 1 output for R eye per screen.

This means 2 projectors per 3D-screen with either polarized or Infitec filters.



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Hi Jonas,


thanks for answer. i probably have to go the hardware way like http://www.tvlogicusa.com/product/product.php?model=TDM-243W





Nice monitor!! But i'm sure you'll be able to find cheaper solutions. There are devices (hard to find though) that will convert the left and right signal into a combined active signal (either l/r, top/bottom or stacked frames). If i find the right hardware (cheaper than the obvious Miranda solutions) i'll let you know, please do the same for me!! (Sick of testing with to polarized beamers). ;-)

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