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watchout 7 screen issue

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We compared the watchout 6 and watchout 7 screens.
It is the same file and is a mov file using the Proress422 codec.
On the watchout 6 screen, the screen and text appear smoothly.
However, the watchout 7 screen looks very broken.
The settings are default and various options are provided, but the phenomenon does not improve. Should existing codecs be recreated purely as LochLC files?





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This make sense to me as your settings are set to transcode ProRes files as Notch LC in v7 and the v6 play the file as it is.

My experience is the Notch LC transcoding is not great.

If you set to Lossless, do you see any downgrade?

BTW, after changing the optimizer settings you need to add the file again so it's transcoded to the new codec settings.




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