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hardware deinterlacer with ultra low latency


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does anyone know a quick (speaking in milliseconds) hardware converter for deinterlacing (i to p)?


I always go for 720p if possible but sometimes I get an 576i or 1080i so it would be nice to have a hardware deinterlacer for that. SDI in, SDI out - i to p. Only that. No signal conversion - no up or downscaling just a simple deinterlacer with ultra low latency. All Multi Format Switcher are just too slow...



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Blackmagic does a pretty good job with their mini converter, as does Aja. (Up/down/cross).

I know their faster as for instance an image pro. Will be doing some detailed testing on this in near future, also curious about BM dvi extender for instance. While I'm at it, I want to test several optical fiber units we have in stock. It's a bitch that manufacturers keep so silent about latency's. if known, it's hard to find.

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