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Hello. Any tips on getting started on the Watchout system? I have a fair amount of experience with simple switcher/single projector setups, and have a relatively good grasp on video concepts/fundamentals to begin with. I have watched "over the shoulder" of Watchout programmers/operators and feel like I would like to move in that direction. I see Show Sage has a training seminar and there are loads of yourtube videos. Anything else I should be aware of? Thanks (from NYC)!

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Next step, if you have not done so, is to download Watchout and play with it. It is free, and fully functional except for linking up and outputting to the Display PCs. Even the RS-232 and MIDI functions all work without having to purchase a licence. With a virtual MIDI Keyboard and Microsoft's Loopback Adapter, you can have working MIDI and RS-232 commands (using HW Virtual Serial Port free software) within the one Production PC for all your tests and exercises.


Work along with the video tutorials Mike pointed to, or create an exercise for yourself with media from one of your single screen shows. Expand it to 2 or more screens on the stage. You will be quite amazed at how well Watchout scales media to higher resolutions, other things being equal. Learn Aux Timelines, how it works, how they stack, and how to create triggers for them with MIDI.

Likewise with Compositions. All other features are icing on the cake!



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