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switch or no switch


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Or a straight one, using newer network interfaces Auto-MDI/MDIX feature, normally found on all new computers/devices.


Please remember that staying below 90m/300 feet in length is adviced.

I would've used a small GigaBit switch anyway, though.











"To connect two ports of the same configuration (MDI to MDI or MDIX to MDIX), an ethernet crossover cable is needed to cross over the transmit and receive signals in the cable, so that they are matched at the connector level. The confusion of needing two different kinds of cables for anything but hierarchical star network topologies prompted a more automatic solution.


Auto-MDIX automatically detects the required cable connection type and configures the connection appropriately, removing the need for crossover cables to interconnect switches or connecting PCs peer-to-peer. As long as it is enabled on either end of a link, either type of cable can be used."

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