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outdoor laser projection, circle


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I am interested in knowing if there are any projectors that can be adjusted so as to project circular video (from a standard 16:9 or 4:3 format) at or near the consumer/'prosumer' level. Laser and close projection to surface necessary.

The projection size needed is somewhat modest (9' diameter would suffice).

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The question is not entirely clear, but I wonder whether the OP was asking about anamorphic lenses - like the concave mirror adapters used to shoot 360 degree video - or motorised mirror heads which allow a circular image to be projected in different directions...

I've never seen the concave lenses used for projection, but there was a discussion on another forum about dome projections using a single projector and a convex hemispheric mirror - although apparently it's both fiddly to align and expensive.

An example of motorised mirror heads can be found here: https://www.dynamicprojection.com/mirror-head-en/ - and I believe I saw a demo of something similar from Panasonic.

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