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Correct way to go to a named Control cue in auxiliary timeline.

Eddy Yanto

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I have a few named control cues in auxiliary timelines and would like trigger and run them based on their names. One of my auxiliary timelines is named [strong]L_XF[/strong] with the following named control cues inside that auxiliary timelines:

- one

- two

- three etc


I would like to be able to trigger them through TCP command but it keeps failing me.

gotoControlCue two L_XF

where two is a named control cue inside an auxiliary timeline named L_XF.


From the above command, I got the following error message:

Error 6 0 "Expected true/false: L_XF"

I refer the above command to WatchOut 5 user guide (Production Computer Protocol section) which shows that my command and parameters are correct:


gotoControlCue [] : Go to a named Control cue (name is case sensitive). The second,

optional, parameter selects an auxiliary timeline.

May I know if I did anything wrong somewhere?






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One nore detail. You may want to enclose the cue and timeline names within double quotes, as they are strings. Particularly if you use spaces in their names, or other unusual characters. As long as you stick to letters, ddigits and underscore, you should be fine without quites, as you've noticed. But it never hurts to do it right anyway.




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