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Questions VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card


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Sorry, I do not speak English well


I have a Questions about VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card


I would like to receive capture the Cam(Sony NEX-VG30H) source 1080p 60fps


I expect to come out 1080p 60fps


I tested the results Noise occurs.


1080p 30fps output to be??



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Which language do you speak ? Maybe we can find someone that can help you in your language. 


It should work, direct, can you tell me which cables are you using? Normally is cables the problem. Using 1080p60 needs a lot of (bandwidth) meaning cable can not be too long and has to be able to take this amount of information. 


Please try with a short cable first. 


Hope this helps.



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Thanks WatchOut Mambers


I'm Republic of Korean


Make sure the link





I want 1080p 60fps output...


I'll talk to the Korean


켐코더에서 출력되는 1080p 60fps 소스를 그대로 켑쳐카드로 받고 싶습니다.


1080i로 설정했을 때에는 노이즈가 나오지 않지만 1080p 60fps로 설정하면 노이즈가 생기네요 


테스트때 사용한 Camcoder는 Sony HDR-CX380 이며


Micro HDMI to HDMI 라인에 DVI젠더를 사용하여 켑쳐카드에 연결하여 사용했습니다.


현장에서 쓰일 Camcoder는 Sony NEX-VG30H 이며 MINI HDMI 포트가 있습니다.


확인해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.


현제 시중에는 1080P 60fps를 그대로 출력해 주는 켑쳐카드가 있나요??


한국에 있는 켑쳐카드 회사는 60fps를 받지만 출력은 30fps로 된다고 하더군요..



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I understand that you want 1080p60 input as an input into E2s and WATCHOUT.


Sony HDR-CX380 records at 1080p60. This does not necessarily mean that the output over HDMI is 1080p60. 

Sony NEX-VG30H  records at 1080p60 and specifications seems to indicate that the output over HDMI is 1080p60 or p24.


1) Does the output from the camera work directly fed into a 1080p LCD projector or screen?


2) Verify the input in Datapath:s Vision software, to see:

    a ) if any input is visible

    b ) at which vertical frequency: 59.94 OR 60 Hz

If it does not work properly here, it will never work reliably in WATCHOUT either.

Then it is a Datapath support issue, too.


3) which driver version do you use for E2s?


4) can the cable handle 1080p60 correctly? It's crucial, since 1080p60 output require twice the bandwith of 1080i60 or 720p60


3) at which settings in WATCHOUT, are you trying this?


From my earlier post:


But if you feed 1080p HDMI into an E2S card, one do not have to set this, you choose:


Signal Input: HDMI or Component. (maybe RGB)

Video Standard: - Other (Do not set anything else here)

Deinterlacing: - None

Dimensions: 1920x1080



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