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GPI inputs and AJA video Inputs


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Have anyone triggered timelines with a gpi?


Yes. Using a MIDI foot pedal interface generating a MIDI note command

to connect the GPI switch closure to WATCHOUT.

Just place the MIDI note input in the task window trigger field for the timeline you wish to trigger.

Of course this generates a blind "go" which is extremely easy to get out of synch,

so you must monitor operation carefully.


With WATCHOUT 5.5 (coming soon) you could get clever and use multiple GPI triggers / MIDI note inputs

in combinations to trigger unique cue points, a bit tedious, but a lot more reliable.

i.e. 8 GPI triggers could provide 8! unique cue triggers.


As anyone try AJA video cards with watchout?


We have not, but customers have reported success with AJA in the past.

You will need to rely on AJA support for any assistance if you run into issues.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of information in this forum

about using BlackMagic Design and Datapath capture cards.

If you do go the AJA route, please post back with your experiences  ;)

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