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Failed to get Data from the clipboard

Benni Brostian

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Hi Guys,


during the last 3 weeks of i recognized a problem what happens in some times,

i want to Copy Cues and Files - by select them and press "Crtl + C"


The Error appears :


Watchmaker Error

Failed to get Data from the clipboard error - 2147721040: openClipboard failed



Can u tell me, why this error appears?


It´s a serious problem, it makes some programming really buggy.


Best regards


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Do you by any chance have multiple instances of the production software running? 


Have you tried restarting the computer?


Do you have any "clipboard enhancement" programs running on the computer?


Please send a screenshot of the error to support@dataton.com



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Hi Mike,


i will send u a Screenshot during the next days.


I restart it every morning - i also made a restart when the error

appears for the first time.


No there are no more Production Software running on this Computer!

One more running on the Backup Production Machine but staying

in "offline-Mode".


There are no Clipboard enhancement programs running.


i will send it to you in the next days. 

Thank u and kind regards



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