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Lost Connection


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I'm having a problem where my my display will lose connection randomly.  When it loses connection one of my outputs will show the watchout logo and the other screens will be blank.  I'm using 5 outputs.  The only way for me to reestablish connection is to go to try to access it through remote access through watchout.  It doesn't successfully connect, but the display computer acts like it does.  I am then able to press go online then I am back in business.  If I don't try to establish a remote connection then it will not go back online.


I'm running watchout 5.3.1

My production computer is running windows xp

No VNC software installed.

My display computer is running windows 7 and is a beast.


Is the problem xp?  Any other ideas for me to check?


Thanks in advance.


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What error exatly you have on your PC production?

Network connection lost or other?


if you have more than one network card you MUST disable the other.

If you use laptop computer remember to turn off the wireless.

If you try to play a lot of files ( or too big files ) and your computer is not powerful enough you may receive this error.




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No error actually comes up when this happens.  4 of the screens will just go blank and the 1 will show the watchout splash screen.  All extra network adapters are disabled.  The display computer is a bit of a beast.  here are the specs

Asus px79 deluxe motherboard


Asus HD 7970



Dual SSD


16gb ram spread accross 4 channels


Intel Core i7 3970x Extreme Edition Sandy Bridge 3.5ghz


Plenty of cooling and a big 1200w corsair power supply


I get the error network connection lost when I try to establish a remote connection to fix the issue.  It won't go online until after I try to establish remote access then after I get the remote connection lost error I am able to go online.


Thanks for the reply.  

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Hi Rocco, We are facing the same proble now...


exactly the same, the connection lost in around every hour(more or less), we have to make it online again manually, don't know why...

we are using one control computer, one display computer with 4 DVI outputs. Did you get the answer on this problem?


Thanks in advance.

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We seem to have fixed the problem by installing some DVI detective plus to the setup.  We are no longer getting the show stopping glitch.  Now I do have one screen that will go black for a second then flash back on.  I'm going to try a different cat5 cable and see if it works.  Any other suggestions? I'm using 5 55" LG HD televisions.  My cat5 cables are 250' long.

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