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Automatic run from the production computer


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Hi everybody,

a quick question :

When i switch on my controler, my show start automaticly (windows startup) and go online (preferences setting)....

I would like now to run the show from my main timeline.


I know that we can do it from the display with the cmd.txt...


But i would like to run the show from the controler, when the show is ready.


Thanks for your help


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Unfortunately, the Production PC does not have a built-in feature to auto run a show on pc start up. It will load but it won't play without manual action.


Apart from external hardware devices, I have found a way to do it via software only - and all freeware too. Involves a few pieces of small utility software working together - from networking to RS232-TCP/IP to sending RS232 command on boot up, and controlling/delaying the start up of programs in order for the various connections to be made. If you are interested, drop me a pm, and I'll type up the process and utility programs and procedure for you. It has been tested by me.


Thomas Leong

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Try to do it with Autoit.

Here´s a small example:


ShellExecute ("Path_to_your_Show.watch") ; Comment: Full Path to your Showfile

sleep (10000)  ; Comment: Script will wait 10 seconds to continue 

Send("{SPACE}")  ; Comment: Script send a space


Adjust the time to make shure Watchout is started and the Show is loaded completely

Instead of "SPACE" you can send all ASCII commands or even "TAB" or "f1" to jump the locator.



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AutoIt might work. But I could not get past the ShellExecute ("Path_to_your_Show.watch"). Kept giving me an error on my path which was C:\Users\su2300\Documents\testvideo.watch

It just won't go past c:. Tried forward slash, no slash, etc. Gave up.

If AutoIt can simulate a keystroke (aka pressing the spacebar, or F1) then the Timeline will run. Not sure about an ASCII command though because WO listens to the TCP/IP port 3040 for those.


My method sends the run command as an RS232 translated to TCP/IP (with HW VSP3 running as a Service) and I used 'RS232 Automatic Sender v102 to send it on boot up, delayed by 30 secs from boot-up by Startup Delayer. Less than 30 secs did not work, and I had no Displays attached.


Thomas Leong

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@ Thomas

it works! :)


Here´s your script, tested!


ShellExecute ("C:\Users\su2300\Documents\testvideo.watch")

Maybe you didn´t set the Path into ("...") ?


Unfortunately I can´t append the script as file.

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Well done, TomT!! It does work! Launches WO Prodn and after the specified wait, runs the main timeline.


My method was more convoluted and complicated, and it shows how bad at scripting I am. The combination of "", () and {} confuses this old man such that I had left all of them out until you showed me the Light!... :D


So Mouniroo, you have your solution!



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Per TomT's suggestion, you can use AutoIt to run the autorun Main Timeline of Production PC. AutoIt is available from -


Execute Autoit3.exe and the script. An example of the script has been provided by TomT above.

OR compile the script into a standalone executable with Aut2Exe.



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