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    Better Graphic Card

    Thanks JFK.. Do Mean size of memory interface (bit) is not significant to choose a graphics card? and I should choose the capacity (memory) and speed. And about speed, you mean "core clock" or "memory clock"?
  2. pencenk

    Better Graphic Card

    Which graphics card is better, "8GB memory with 256 bit memory interface" or "4GB memory with 512 bit memory interface" for the benefit of three full HD 1080p output?
  3. pencenk

    Decklink mini recorder capture slows down

    whether capture card recommended by Watchout for HD SDI signal (input from the camera) but low cost? I've tried SDI Capture Card Aver media, but it did not work at all. Successful only from the datapath, but so expensive.
  4. pencenk

    WO6 and WO5 on the same computer

    Jim, how to create watchpoint with no logo? thanks..
  5. pencenk

    WatchOut 5 and Windows 10

    I'm on Wachout 5.5.1. MP4 video format with bitrate on 10Mbps.
  6. pencenk

    WatchOut 5 and Windows 10

    I also tried using Windows 10 as production, but every time I checked the option "free running" and / or "loop" in the video cue-advance, always get "Wachout not responding".
  7. pencenk

    Datapath ImageDP4

    Ooh, I understand. That is why Watchou would not work despite ImageDP using an ATI chip but the graphics card does not support DirectX 3D. Thanks.. Nice info.
  8. pencenk

    Datapath ImageDP4

    I have a Graphic Card "Datapath ImageDP4 ". I choose this Graphic card to get 7680x1080px resolution. When I run Wachout Display, it is always get message " software stop working " . I tried to use the computer for Wachout Production, but not working too. The I tried to reinstall the windows, but always so results stop working. Does Datapath ImageDP4 graphics card not support with Wachout software? Why?
  9. pencenk

    Dongle Not Recognized

    How much should I pay for replacement?
  10. pencenk

    Dongle Not Recognized

    Hi Friend.. I have 5 dongle, but a few days ago suddenly one of them not recognized by my computer. I tried to reinstall the computer, but it still was not recognized. whether there is a possibility that the dongle is damaged? Can be fixed? thanks
  11. what does the advantage of using windows 7 Home Premium? How about windows 7 Ultimate?
  12. pencenk

    DATATON software - earlier versions archive

    Hi friend.. I want to know about this statement "QuickTime version: 7.7.1 or newer (not required from 5.3.1)". I guess that mean if we use WO 5.3.1, we don't need to install Quicktime Player anymore. Isn't That? And Why?
  13. pencenk

    Current AMD Firepro Cards?

    can Wachout support for 4K output?