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  1. I use proxy because my customer only have one USB dongle for display PC. He want to change the show by replacing the media file thru windows fire sharing (without Production PC). I can do this on video proxy but not sound proxy. Or... maybe it's my misunderstanding that replacing media doesn't need media proxy? - - - update - - - I've tried... replacing media file doesn't need video proxy or sound proxy. I think my problem has been solved, thanks
  2. I guess maybe there is no one using "Sound Proxy" because I found nothing when I tried to find some information on user manual or forum. This is my problem: When I try to use "Sound Proxy" it failed because watchout can't detect the number of channels of this media. And I can't find anywhere to configure it manually. Is there anyone who knows something about this? Thanks a lot
  3. I have five Watchout 5 license keys with metal case and 2G storage and I want to upgrade to Watchout 6. I've read "the procedure to upgrade" and knew the license could be electronically upgraded without physically changing the USB key, but somebody tells me that metal case USB key can't be eletronic upgraded and I have to physically send it to the regional agency of Dataton to upgrade it. Is that true? Thank you very much~
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