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  1. Hi all, has anyone had an issue with Watchpax 4 where a large section of a particular display "jumps" up a few pixels (say 10 or so) randomly? At first I thought it was the (active) DisplayPort converters or cable, but after a reboot, the outputs swapped around so Display #2 now comes out of a different physical output (Weird? Related?) on the Watchpax (and projector and cables etc). So I'm fairly confident it's Watchpax/Watchout. Like I say, I'm really thrown by the fact the issue is now happening on a different projector/cable after some rebooting, with the display number being the only
  2. Is there any update on when to expect 6.2? Desperate for the new audio and NDI features in the pipeline! Next week? 2 weeks? Later?
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