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  1. we have a very large LED wall (24xxx*1472 pixel) and use 10G switch, when using NDI(spark 4k,NDI streaming,not NDI HX),randomly showing message that "ndi is missing") we need to reboot NDI devices to solve the problem. what's going on?
  2. i have a ndi sparkplus 4k(use ndi not ndi hx) i notice that when i unplug hdmi from ndi sparkplus, watchout screen show up the last frame,not black. recently , the ndi sparkplus update their firmware and gives the function that when signal is losing,it will give a ndi logo screen,but when useing watchout, this function not working. so, if watchout can update when ndi signal is losing, and it shows up the black screen or “no signal” screen instead of last frame?
  3. i have the same question did you solved? my display computer is watchpax60 3368b... and still have same question why?
  4. hi did you solve the problem? i got same issue like you.
  5. morning everyone. i found a problem here and want to know something. my mctrl660 is 50hz but in amd's control panel it shows 49.9974hz does it matter? wo can't set 49.9974hz it only support to set 49.99hz or 50hz.
  6. actually,i already test for all monitor use the same edid,even unplug the pc's monitor to try(keep 5 pcs mctrl660 with same edid alone) and all outputs are green in the s400 sync setting panel but it shows tearing again. it's very freaky...anything i can try ? please tell me. by the way,when i setting up all pc's s400 sync setting,next step is open the watchpoint ,right? and the production pc need to check the main sync server in watchout then online , right? thanks Benoit.
  7. here is my setting(only show up two monitor because that is test) PC1 PC2
  8. hi RBeddig thank you for your reply,but i tried to use 2pcs of mctrl660 and 2pcs of display computer and both of them's resolution is 1920x1080@60hz and setup to a led wall has 1920x1080 pixel one of mctrl660 control left 960*1080 led and another mctrl660 control right 960*1080 led to test the problem. no matter the s400 is enable or disable , the led screen is tearing. and i also tried to amd w600 , wx9100 with s400 / without s400 , problem still here.
  9. hi Leonard. i already tried using bmd sync generator to sending 50hz but it cannot help me solve the problem.
  10. 15. but i test for 2xmctrl660 with 2xpc with 1 video got the same problem.
  11. Movie Emotional Hardstyle 2014 Festival [4K definition] i test 1080P@60、1080P@50 with this video and got same problem and this is my led sending card NovaStar MCTRL660
  12. sorry, i forgot to tell you i already try 1920x1080@50 and 1920x1080@60 and the problem was still here.
  13. hi JFK, those resolution is LED. PC1 2 3 's wx9100 output resolution are the same "1920*1472 50HZ" total 15 output. each PC has 5 output.
  14. After a few days of testing , still tearing... My LED's resolution PC1 is 9152*960 PC2 is 5504*1472 PC3 is 9152*960 when i play a moive file 3840*2160 Scaled to PC1+PC2 or PC1+PC2+PC3 or PC2+PC3 , it will tearing i try the S400 framelock but not working. Changed AMD's driver version but not working. Only genlock i haven't test. i will test it today and reply you soon.
  15. yes,all same server’s processor is synced. sorry i can’t upload pic cause the maximum 0.98m limit... but morgan has checked my sync setting and he says my setting was correct but still tearing morgan tell me to install amd’s driver to 2017q4 instead of now i install version 2019q2 but i’have not test yet i use the framelock method ,not genlock. is it genlock important for my case?
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