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  1. I will be remotely upgrading a client's Watchout version to 4.5.1 Once it is installed on the production computer, will it automatically propagate to the display computers--or prompt me to decide on that action? Or will I need to separately go into each display computer and upgrade to 4.5.1? Thank you!
  2. Having a bit of trouble opening a Watchout show someone sent me. (the sender is not available to answer this question) The error message is: "Can't open file: Undefined class: MediaCueBase on line 2185, offending item: MediaCueBase; File version 5.2" My system is running Watchout version 5.1. Could it be that the file I'm trying to open was made in version 5.2? Can you not open a 5.2 file in 5.1? Thanks!
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    Imagine this scenario: • You are creating a permanent 2-hour looping Watchout show, called "Show1," with a media folder of 15GB. • Four art directors are in the room; each suggests a different tweak to the show. • You "save a copy" of each of their ideas as "Show1a," "Show1b," "Show1c," and "Show1d." • The main client walks in and says, "Ok, let's see what you've got. Show me all four ideas." • Must you tell the client that each file will take over an hour to open? (While each new cache is built.) Can anyone suggest a smooth, quick workaround where I can switch between shows--without creating a new cache? As much detail as possible please. FYI--a company rep told me, "So? That's the way it works. Just use an alternate timeline." That may be the perfect answer, but he couldn't elaborate, and said he didn't see it as an issue. (and there's not enough info to help.) How do FinalCut, Logic, Premier, ProTools get by this limitation? You can save many versions of the main file without re-creating the media or cache. Thanks!
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