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v5.5+ computer name - fundamental change in display dialog address assignment


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I am seeing a lot of issues with 5.5 customers

using fixed IP addresses in the display definition dialog.


I have no experience with that

my personal experience has been otherwise,

but I suspect that has to do with assigning fixed IP addresses in the Display dialog

vs assigning computer name and (optional cluster name in Preferences).




As the naming feature is new to 5.5,

I focused my attention on this from the get go

and have always used computer name in the display dialog,

never a fixed IP in the display dialog.


First, you must define names in the new Network dialog.

You should enter a cluster name if you plan to use watchnet

or if you plan to run multiple shows

on different computers sharing a common network.

Double click on a Network window entry and
the Display Computer dialog will appear for you to change the name.





If you do not leave cluster name blank,

be sure to enter the same cluster name in
File - Preferences - General - Display Cluster Name:,
  or the show will not find the computer.

Both display dialog computer name and preferences cluster name

must match those assigned to the target computer.



After doing this, WATCHOUT Display opening logo screen

will show the name (and optional cluster name if used)

along with current IP address .




When using names, the actual IP address may be a variable,

provided they are all within the same subnet.


The new Network Window in Production will

auto discover all active display computers on the same subnet.

(active = watchout display is running)


The task of swapping out display computers can now be managed

from WO Production via the new network window, by simply re-assinging the name.


So, for 5.5 onward, instead of setting the computer NIC properties to a fixed IP address,
you may set them to DHCP. The same goes for production or display computer.

If you choose to continue to set your displays to fixed IP, ok fine,

but still, use the new WO name to reference them.


No DHCP server - No problem.
When DHCP is set and no DHCP server is available,
the OS will auto-assign an address.
I am told auto-assigned IP addresses will always fall within the same subnet.
Good enough when using WO computer name instead of entering a fixed IP address.



For testing, I chose not to change all my existing computer addressing.

I have been testing with computer names referencing a mixture of 

DHCP and fixed IP addressed WO computers.

In this instance, I provide a DHCP server

that assigns IP address in the same subnet as the fixed IP stations. 

All are using WO names. 

Has been bulletproof for the couple of weeks I have tested.

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