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Has anyone played with a Leap Motion device and WATCHOUT?


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I just got a Leap Motion tracking device. https://www.leapmotion.com/

The best way to describe this device is to say it is similar to a Kinect (body gestures) only it is more precise (hand gestures) and uses infrared rather then a high def camera to follow tracking.  I am trying to get it to talk to WATCHOUT to see what interactivity I can simulate with hand gestures.  I haven't had a lot of luck yet, but I was curious if anyone is familiar and has experimented with it yet. 


David Johnson

Mind Opera, Inc.

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We've done quite some demos with Kinect sensors over the years. Some more info and an example implementation can be found here:




The Leap is essentially similar, albeit on a smaller scale. So I'd say you can treat it pretty much the same way. Details will differ, of course, since the API to obtain data frmo the Leap is different. But the basic concept should be the same.



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I have got an answer from the GECO team. They offer an APP that communicates with leapmotion and MIDI:


Hi Martin,
GECO will require you to install a virtual MIDI interface on your computer to communicate with other software. For example loopMIDI (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de) or LoopBe (http://www.nerds.de). You can already install one of these and see if your software allows you to connect to that virtual MIDI interface. If it does, it should work with GECO.
Hope this helps,



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