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Watchout through a DVI Matrix switcher


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I have a show coming up where I have two projectors  that are edge blended and two playback sources. One being Watchout and the other being Isadora. I wanted to run Watchout and Isadora into a matrix dvi switcher so in between the two pieces I could switch from Watchout to Isadora. I purchased a Comprehensive 4x4 DVI matrix switcher. I hooked it up today and all of Watchout's videos where purple. I couldn't get Isadora to even show up. I am playing Isadora off a Mac so it doesn't surprise me that it did show up. Has anyone tried to use this type of setup before with a matrix switcher of some kind? I know this isn't just a Watchout question but I know most of you have the experience to point me in the right direction.



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Not all DVI switchers can switch "invisible" between the frames and it is extremely important to show the same EDID setting to all inputs of the switch. The WATCHOUT outputs need to see identical EDID settings and if you switch from one EDID to the other the matrix needs more time to establish the connection after switching the inputs.


The purple color could come from a wrong color space setting. Normally DVI switches do not interfere with colors...



Rainer Beddig

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I have a Lightware 16x16 DVI matrix and haven't experienced the problem you've written about.


As Rainer says managing your EDID settings through the matrix are essential for success with Watchout and for me is one of the great features of running Watchout through a matrix.


You would need to match the EDID settings for all sources to be the same so you can switch between each source to the shared outputs seamlessly e.g. 1400x1050@60hz or whatever.



---> Mal Padgett ---> Melbourne ---> AU

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