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Cue server and AMX


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Can Watchout send commands to both a cue server and AMX show control over ip?


Maybe, what is a cue server?


You should be able to send commands to a control system using the WATCHOUT output object,

directly from the WATCHOUT Display computers in cluster mode.

Recently assisted on a project where this was done with Crestron.

i.e. Crestron used IP display cluster control of the WATCHOUT system

and the WATCHOUT Display system sent messages to Crestron via an IP output object.

Two separate virtual connections on a single IP physical connection.

There were devices under Crestron conrol that needed to be triggered by the timeline

and the output messages to Crestron accomplished this.


I see no reason AMX should not be able to do the same, but no first hand experience there.


 s there any kind of conflict to be aware of?


Hopefully an AMX knowledgable person will chime it on that.  ;)

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The cue server is the software that will be controlling all the lighting cues.


Yes, WATCHOUT can send user defined ACII or hex strings (and combinations of the two) to as many output devices as you wish.


Wether or not the receiving device can accept and act on those strings is solely a function of the unknown software that will be controlling all the lighting cues. If they in fact support an IP or serial connection and provide a command protocol, you should be able to accomplish your goal.

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