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Combining Watchout with Analog way


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I have a project where we are going to project 3 2K-projectors with edgeblend on a screen sized 50m x 10m.

They also need live input HD-SDI.

Because of the demand lowest frame delay as possible, I was thinking of combine the Watchout system with a Ascender 48 from Analog Way.

It manage to have 4 outputs in 2K, so my idea is to send 3 outputs from Watchout in 2K resolution. Make the edgeblend in Watchout, use it as a background in the Ascender with content playback an have the possible to use PiP with live video on the background.


Does anyone have experience to combine those two systems?


Will I manage to do this in that way or is it a lot of pitfalls?




Klaus K

Projection and system designer

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I'm I right if I overlap the displays in different tiers it will not edgeblend?


Yes, but the normal way take out edgeblend completely, is to go to Preferences -> Edgeblend Tab and dial down the edgeblend curve to 0.




Or do I turn off edgeblend in a different way?


And pre-splitting the movie will have the same effect?






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We combine Watchout with our spyder (similar to your Analogway) for LIVE PiPs.

Watchout is only the Background for us. The Blending makes the Spyder.  I would do this this way, because i can remove the Watchoutlayer and use a still background in case of Backup. I thing the AW does the Same


After a Trainee Session at Christie Germany we will try to use a PIP directly from the Projektor and also the Blending / Warp from this. Without Spyder or another Mixing Unit!




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