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Display computers drop to black

Sean Sheridan

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I have a show here where all the display computers will just output black at the same time. Very intermittently and unpredictably. Could be 2 mins between occurrences, could be 12 hours. There is output, just "black". Have to remote into each display and re-launch and then bring the system back Online.


6 Displays computers running 5.5.1

into Lightware DVI router

4 of those outputs into Grass Valley ADVC G1 "Any" converters to feed SDI to projectors directly

2 more outputs feeding Spyder X20


Each Display computer is seeing ADVC G1 for EDID

Plan for tonight is to install DVI Detectives on each display and revert back to v5.5 of Watchout, as it's so new.


Any other ideas?

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Each Display PC WAS reporting the same EDID info before but I couldn't trust it because of a router that we couldn't dial into to program and confirm. DVI Detectives are on all of the display computers now and everything has been solid. But failures were so random before that we can't be sure. Will leave running overnight, and if all is well in the morning, I think we can consider this case closed.

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Each Display PC WAS reporting the same EDID info before 


In my experience, same EDID is only really the same EDID if it comes from the same source/switcher

or EDID Manager like DVI Parrot/DVI Detective etc.

Different sources, set to same intended EDID, is not to be trusted if stability is the goal.



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