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Wi-Fi into Watchout?

Lloyd Stewart

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In a wedding environment, I've always wanted to be able to set up a camera(s) that could wirelessly send the live video somehow into Watchout to be projected onto the same screen, using the same projectors which also would be used for the final Watchout show, normally at the end of the event.  But before the show, folks could watch the cake cutting or whatever I had the camera pointed at, on the screen before my official Watchout show.  Or, even a better idea now that I think about it, perhaps the live video could even be incorporated into my Watchout show. 


Anyway, dragging around wires attached to video cameras so I could input the live video into a capture card is not an elegant solution.  So I checked out various wireless solutions which were either way too expensive (think live video cams on the field at a sport's events) or their range was too short (like the wireless solutions used in the home). 

But today I was reading about a camera that was a hit at the recently completed 2014 CES show in the US called FlirFX


See here:   http://www.flirsecurity.com/?gclid=CK2Rpe3n8bsCFSEV7AodHwMACg


That camera provides full HD and a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that, according to their advertising, is "accessible by smartphones and tablets within range of the camera’s internal Wi-Fi access point - 250ft / 80m."  


So I'm wondering if and how that Wi-fi signal of live video could be input into Watchout?  Latency, in this case, would not be a problem.  I saw from an earlier jfk post that the dynamic image server is for still images only.


So would anyone have any suggestions?  Or am I missing some obvious solution?





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Great idea, can be used with the old (WO5) Network Camera input in WATCHOUT, "Media/Add Network Video"

We've used AXIS series of network cameras for this, they have several supporting WiFi.






The camera you describe have not been tested by us, so I have no idea if or how well it might work with WATCHOUT.


To make this more mobile, set up a WiFi AP on the same IP address range as your WATCHOUT network.



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