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Projection mapping 3D object


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I am looking at your 3D projection mapping basics tutorial but am having a bit of trouble with it. Probably it's just me not understanding something.

For example, do I need to enter precise FOV or throw ratio of the projector before starting the calibration process or does the software figure out all of projector's properties? Location, rotation and throw ratio.

Many thanks!


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I can recommend you to read the user manual on the subject, in the section 3D MAPPING PROJECTOR. Here you can see, among other things, that both the Lens Shift and the Width/Distance Ratio properties can be either locked (which means you need to calculate them yourself) or let them be determined by the calibration.

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Thank you @Josef Swanberg and @RBeddig. I appreciate your replies.

@RBeddig If it's not too much to ask: in our case, we'll have zoom lenses on all the projectors, so we'll need to measure throw ratio as well I assume. I guess the best way to measure is to simply put a temporary flat surface in front of the projector and measure the throw ratio and lens shift manually, right? Or do you use a different way (I hope I'm not asking you to divulge any secrets here ☺️ )?

Thanks, as always!

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We usually don't care so much about the throw ratio since this will be calculated by WATCHOUT during the calibration. But it doesn't hurt to measure it. The lens shift is measured manually by projecting a grid or any other useful image and by measuring the offset in relation to the image center.

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