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Bug report WO 5.3.1 - No RS232 commands send out Aux TL 0:00.00

Hugo Janzen

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Hi there,


System W7, WO531, Moxa RS 232 board in Display PC.


Using an Auxilary Timeline and when executing a RS232 command on time 0:00.00 the command will never be transmitted, running this timeline.


It's neccessary to have the cue placed > 0.00 to be able to run over it. Than the cue is properly executed and commands are sent out.



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Actually one needs to run over the cue. So placing it at 0:00.00 will not work. And more than one cue at the same position is the same, but is enough with setting at 0:00.1 then it will work. and if needed to place another one just make it 0:00.2 


I can  not consider it a bug, is just that it can not run over if it is at 0:00.00 is on the cue so it does not start.... 


Just some thought. 





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