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Bezel correction when using videoproxy


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Hi guys!


Another quick question!


The situation:

4 55 inch screens side by side, powered by 1 or 2 display pc's, depending on the setup.

4x 1920x1080 output

1x 7680x1080 videoproxy to be played on the 4 screens


now i wonder... when i put the screens side by side, i always run into those nasty bezels... thank god for seamless plasma i would say... but i cant always use those screens...

normally i would just shift the different displays apart a little to compensate for the bezels being in the way and make sure all the dimensions are correct when something is displayed across multiple screens.


but this doesn't seem to work when working with a videoproxy. Is this because the (in this case 4) pre-split videos are linked to the screens and therefor will always be shown on the screens in full, no matter the side and position of the display?


I hope there is a way to compensate for the bezels... because videoproxys themselves work perfect...

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