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Interactive inputs are freezing up Watchout


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I’m doing a installation with Watchout, where I have 24 tcp/ip inputs from a Unity computer in to watchout, sending variables from 0-100.

I am controlling the opacity on 12 still images and the volume on 12 sound files with these inputs.

I am experiences a problem. When I am sending inputs on all 24 inputs Watchout will after 20-30 seconds freeze up for 3-5 seconds. It is not making the white overlay (program not responding) But it is just frozen.

I am using Watchout 5.5.1

Are there a limit to how many inputs I can use at the same time?

Do you have any experiences like this?

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There's a general constraint in WATCHOUT of processing about 60 commands per second. This is regardless of command type, and not specific to the setInput command. If you exceed this limit, command processing may lag or may eventually cause processing to stall (in WATCHOUT or, more likely, in the external program feeding commands to WATCHOUT).


In some cases, when you want to control numerous inputs, this may get in your way. Hence, we intend to lift this limit in an upcoming version of WATCHOUT. I have no ETA for this at this point, though, so this is just FYI, that we're aware of this limitation and intend to improve it.



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Little update:

I needed to make a input fade, and I was sending a "SetInput" command for every step in the fade. (99, 98, 97, 96..... and so on) This was to much for Watchout.

But then I was told to use this instead:


Do you use the "setInput" fade parameter?

Example: "setInput GenInp1 100 1000$0D" equals to -> set generic input "GenInp1" fading from current value to 100 on 1000ms (1 sec)


Worked perfect, even with 22 inputs fading up and down at the same time - Thanks 

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