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Cluster Mode / File Control - Show file location?


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Hi everyone, 


I can't seem to get file based control to load a show in cluster mode. 

I am using the example script from the manual, since i just need it to load the show then i can start my controllers.


My commands file loads, so i know i have that correct, but it throws an error:

"Show doesn't exist: SHOW_NAME"


I have tried specifying path like you do for production mode, even though the manual says you can't. 

The manual says put the show file in the "shows" folder in the Watchout installation, but i can't see a shows folder. 

I also tried creating one and putting it in there. 


I'm sure it's something very simple, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




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Om display computer, you should only specify the show name - not the path. All shows are located in the Shows folder. But there's a gotcha: under Windows Vista/7, unless you disable UAC, as described in the manual, the Shows folder will be relocated elsewhere by Windows. You should still be able to load the show by name, though. Anyway, you may want to disable UAC, to get the show folder to appear inside the application folder after re-downloading the show. If you do so, don't remember to remove the relocated shows folder, to not unnecessarily waste disk space.



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Hi Mike, 


Thanks for the reply.


I'm trying to get a file that i have created using the production software to run on the same PC as my show has been created. 

I don't need the production software running at all as it's MIDI controlled. 


Is that where i'm going wrong?


How do i make Watchpoint load a show without pushing it from the production software? Or is that not possible?


We have several licenses, but for this show only brought one machine /  key.

Our machine is not being used in the show as the venue runs watchout for their display system already, but i would like to preview it.




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You need to download the Show to be used from Production first, ie 2 keys needed.

This is when a Shows folder is created on the Display computer/software.


THEN, invoke/use file based control.





Hi Jonas, 


OK no worries, thanks. 

That's where i was going wrong. 


I don't have a second machine with me - will just use production software for now.

Will be able to connect to the venue's display machines tomorrow anyway.




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