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What do you lose if you use Windows 8?

Lloyd Stewart

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We use Watchout 5.5.1.  But in the description of Watchout 5.5.1, on the Dataton site it says, "Windows 7 required for full functionality."  On the other hand, in Version 5.3, it said that Watchout was now compatible with Windows 8.  Well, we're working with the new "Kinect for Windows" (just received ours yesterday) coupled with Watchout, but unfortunately this new Kinect requires Windows 8 or 8.1, and is NOT compatible with Windows 7, believe it or not. 


So, as far as Watchout goes, we're wondering what we'll lose if we "upgrade" everything to Windows 8.1?  I know there is not a benefit to using Windows 8.1 with Watchout, but what will we lose?  



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With a properly prepared PC, you will not lose anything with Windows 8.1

In fact, according to AMD, when attempting to drive multiple 4k displays,

you will gain additional capacity with Windows 8.1+

While we have not confirmed that AMD claim just yet,

we are working with AMD support to verify their claims

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