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Using a serial port on production computer for playing tasks


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It is possible (from the manual: Production Computer Protocol; page 253 old manual) -

run     [<string>]     Run timeline from current position, optional aux timeline name.

halt    [<string>]     Stop at the current position, with optional auxiliary timeline name


You must name the Aux Timeline name after the command 'run' or 'halt'.

You must also test. Syntax matters with serial commands.

And you will need a serial-to-TCP/IP converter installed in your Production PC since Watchout only listens to TCP/IP. I use either the freeware Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE) from eterlogic.com or HW Virtual Serial Port from HW Group.


Thomas Leong

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Thanks for the tip, Mike. Works as you said.


My problem was using Serialbuttons from audiovisualdevices.com.au. Just read its very brief 'help' file, and it says "ASCII cannot contain spaces" when using serialbuttons. My bad.


My other problem is that in order to provide the ability to address more Aux Timelines with a small set of serial buttons, I had one button with the 'run Timeline' command, and a set of numeric keys from 0-9, plus a final 'Take' button (containing the hex .13 or 0x0D final code) to end the command string. When keyed one after another, I could trigger any number of Aux Timelines with this small set of buttons. Example, I could key the 'run Timeline' button, then the numerics 5 and 3 buttons, then the 'Take' button, and Aux Timeline53 would play.


Thomas Leong

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