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How do I sync the multiple production

sean moss

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Hi all,

I need a little help in figuring out how to simultaneously run my primary production machine and simultaneously trigger backup production machines.


We run 2 x Watchout server racks each consisting of two display and two production machines. 

So that in one rack you will have your primary production & display with a backup display and production. In total there are 4 x production and 4 x display pieces.

Occasionally on our much bigger events I would need to run both racks due to the number of output required. 


How do I sync the multiple production pc either by inserting code on my time line or having some form of manual trigger to run primary production machine one which will then trigger the other three production machines at the same time so that everything runs in sync.


FYI we're running the latest update of Watchout 5.



Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


Sean Moss

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Hi jonas,

Thanks for your your reply and very simple and practical answer to my question.


Just further the discussion if I wanted to control the production machines and keep them in step with each other, and have the production machine drive its own display machine. How do you think it would be best to go about doing that.


Thanks Sean.

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Hey Sean,


The way we normally do redundant Watchout systems is controlling the cues from an external source.  In these cases we are taking cues via MSC from the lighting console.  The MIDI control goes thru a Midi Thru box (to split the signal) so both machines receive the same cues at the same time.  Other options I've heard about (though I'm not sure how reliable they are) are to split the keyboard signal to both computers.


You can also send TCP commands from one machine to the other but this requires a lot of extra programming.  The manual lists all of the commands.  You'll probably want to send a gotoControlCue and a run command for each cue to make sure it keeps up completely.



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