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Blending two Sanyo LCD projectors


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I am using two Sanyo XP 200L LCD projectors edge blended together. I can get most of my video content to blend sleamlessly. I have one piece of content that is a time lapse of a blue day time sky that turns into a dark blue night time sky with stars. The two projectors start to look completly different as the day turns to night. My projected image is 1888x768 and I am using one piece of video spanned across the two displays. My question is can I use a tween on just one of the two displays with one video spanning the two displays? I tried to use WO color correction for one of the displays but I didn't get good results. I understand that if I use a tier, my edge blend will go away. Would it be best for me to crop the video in After Effects and bring in two seperate videos?



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This is not a video content problem in my view, but a projector alignment/calibration/setup issue.

This has been discussed here at the Forum many times.






To me, an old projectionist, this is simple:


- use the same make and model of projectors, preferably DLP over LCD, as a general rule (there ARE some good LCD ones, I know...)

- reset to factory settings.

- check that your signal is 1:1 onto the panel of the projector, ie do not "overshoot"

- avoid high brightness/dynamic modes, opt for natural/video/cinema instead.

- use a digital connection, DVI/HDMI) over analog (VGA)

- if possible/necessary, color balance them.

- it might be wise to avoid totally white or black parts of a show.


I never touch the edge-blending curve at installation.



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