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Edge blending with more than two projectors


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I have to do blending with three projectors in next week. And I have question: Is it possible in WATCHOUT 5 use two or more independent soft edge blend curve? How can I do it? I found in properties only one curve. Do you know some trick? Or the only way is edge blending function build in projectors?



Thanks for help,


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To me, an old projectionist, this is simple:


- use the same make and model of projectors, preferably DLP over LCD, as a general rule (there ARE some good LCD ones, I know...)

- reset to factory settings.

- check that your signal is 1:1 onto the panel of the projector, ie do not "overshoot"

- avoid high brightness/dynamic modes, opt for natural/video/cinema instead.

- use a digital connection, DVI/HDMI) over analog (VGA)

- if possible/necessary, color balance them.

- it might be wise to avoid totally white or black parts of a show.


I never touch the edge-blending curve at installation.



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Question to TS: why would you want to have different curve settings? Have done tons of shows with number of blend ranging from 2 to 8 and I never felt the need to A) adjust the curve in WO nor B) use different curve settings. Never used blending in projectors combined with WO.


So, enlighten me, what's the reason?

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Hi everyone,


At the beginning thanks you all for answer for my question.

Walter, why I want separate curve for every blend?

Firstly, I have object/project with already install projectors and screens. I don't know how many hours lamp projector worked to this day (they do not worked in blending mode), probably the difference are not so big, but they are.

Secondly, I work like Daniel with Vista Spider too, and there is that possibility, and more - I use it.

Finally, I'm rather a perfectionist and I like when every detail is refined :-]




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... I don't know how many hours lamp projector worked to this day ... I'm rather a perfectionist and I like when every detail is refined :-] ...

Posted Image Most perfectionists would just replace all the bulbs in that case and then control lamp strike on all projectors

so all would accumulate the same number of hours. Doesn't part of perfectionism strive to keep it simple too?

Adding an adjustment band-aid to overcome bulb variances seems like more complication than needed Posted Image


I believe Jonas' guidelines are right on for achieving perfection. ;)

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I have just made a setup, exactly as you described. We used three Barco projectors, and one multiple output PC. The screen was curved in a 5 degree angle, so that was an extra challenge. So we hired a specialist to aligned all the projectors, using the Barco software. After the alignment, it was very easy to make the edgeblending look perfect, and it actually just enedes minor corrections in Watchout to be perfect. So my advice is, that if your projectors come with alignment software, do the main aligning there, and only the minor corrections in watchout. It will also make it easier for future alignments, if you have the same basic aligning as your starting point. Plus the staff at our Support department find it much easier to handle.


Best Regards Christian

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