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Barco Matrix 8x8 DVI


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Hi guys,


Im trying from my first time control a matrix from watchout and im having a lot troubles.


first i did is create an output string named Matrix, selected network Port TCP or UDP, at ip address i set, port ip number 23, selected udp


then i draged the output to my timeline, at string cue name put TAKE, data to send tried also TAKE 1 and $0D TAKE 1.


and its not working, am I doing right? wut did i miss?


please can someone help me?


Sry my english

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Looking at manual you'd probably be better off creating presets and recalling them with the command RPRST.

With the take command you can only activate the take button which means you'd have to select source and destination manually?!? What would be the benefit there?

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There is an old Windows-based standalone control application available from the Barco/Folsom public FTP archive...

You may want to try this application out as a confirmation to test connectivity from your production PC to ensure you can control the MatrixPro. I believe the application also has a command window you can use to sniff out the commands to see the structure.
The application may also be useful for you to set up presets with this application, as suggested by Walter, and then use those simple Preset commands to control the switcher rather than trying to build complete Input/Output salvos in Watchout.
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