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Can't go online if show has wav file


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Running into a very strange problem with wav files in a simple Watchout project.


I have 3 HD video files running on 3 monitors and one 5.1 wav file.


When I add the  wav file to the project and go online, watchout transfers the file, but I get a red X on the production stage screens.

Sometimes I get "Display computer disappeared" in the message window, but not always.


I have tried to resample the file with Adobe Audition to 5.1 16bit 44100 ; 5.1 16bit 48000 ; stereo and the original 5.1 24bit 48000. All fail. If I remove the wav file everything works.


The player log show the following:

{ "date" : "2014-12-12", "time" : "12:46:20:426", "severity" : "information",
"message" : "WATCHPOINT exited abnormally (code 3221225477), restarting" }


Do I have to do anything special to use wav files? I have used them extensively before without problems. 


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