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Using inputs and outputs without a production computer


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I'm programming a fixed installation where I make tween curves in tasks that gets output over ArtNet, and then goes back into Watchout to control parameters on other media.

This works great when running on a production computer, but not at all when running standalone. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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It all depends on how you start the show on the display computer. If you open the show from an online production computer, ArtNet will not work on a standalone display. You must open the show from the display computer. This can be done with a startup script, or it can be done from IP control. The key command in either startup script or IP control is load . You must successfully execute a load command to establish a display computer as a "master", even if the show is already open on said display computer.

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5 hours ago, Johnny said:

The show loads fine from the startup script, and I'm able to trigger timelines from our control system via IP control.

It is the "variable hack" (using outputs in tween expressions via ArtNet) that's not working. 

Well then the should work. What version are you using?

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