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Watchout and Digital Link


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As it relates to the video signal, HDBaseT™ and Panasonic Digital Link are essentially the same.


reference: Panasonic - Projector Global - Equipment Compatible with Digital Link

also: Digital Link FAQ

1. What is the difference between DIGITAL LINK and HDBaseT™?


DIGITAL LINK is based on HDBaseT™ technology, but it has other added features, including two-way communication with Panasonic projectors and interoperability with major AV control manufacturers (Crestron, Extron, Atlona, etc.) and also supports their control protocol.


HDBaseT™ or Panasonic Digital Link, has nothing to do with WATCHOUT per se,

it is a generic hardware question related to the graphics card

that is connected to the HDBaseT™ or Digital Link transmitter.

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Thanks for the reply. I am looking at purchasing a four output WatchCube from Show Sage for a high school theater that I am consulting on. I want to use the HDBaseT to run from the rack that the WatchCube will be living in to the stage. Which is 250' away from the rack. Do you think the graphics card in the WatchCube might have some issues with this.? For instance the EDID information.



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The specific type of extender and the display itself will both effect EDID stability.

Personally, I would either add an EDID manager for each output or choose an extender that includes EDID management.

At the very least, make sure your extender has its own power supply, do not rely on solutions that draw power from the display connection.

You might be able to get away with the software EDID management in the graphics card Catalyst Control Center,

 although external EDID management is a bit more bulletproof.

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