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Can anyone help diagnose very poor performance in Watchpoint?


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I have two rackmounted PC's running the following:


i7-47705 @ 3.1GHZ


Win 7 Home Premium (64bit)

2 x SSD

Radeon HD 7900 (using 5 outputs)


Running Watchout 5.5.2


Production and Display machines hardwired with Gigabit ethernet cards and a gigabit network switch (which has been changed in an attempt to resolve this)


We hardly use the servers anymore, but the last few times have been super slow to respond to the production machine.  Scanning the timeline bar across media will often drop connection.  Running any composition from the task window is impossible (they just don't play).  And playing a video on loop with free running will make the video play as if free running but it won't loop.


I have tried simply using one output in the stage, one media file on free-run/loop with a pause cue half way and I still have the problems listed above.


I am running mainly WMV video formats (that last year all worked fine - and on our old set of v4 servers) - some of these files so short they are less than 50mb.


The PC's are not connected to the internet and have no virus scanner installed.  I've updated drivers to no avail.


Any suggestions are very welcome.



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Very well good be an issue with the switch not being fully Windows 7 compliant.

We saw that issue a lot when Windows 7 first came out, Win XP used a different set of default NIC settings.


As a quick test, simply connect production straight to display with a standard ethernet cable,

the issues should disappear. If that is the case, you can detune the advanced NIC settings to work with a non-compliant switch,

 although that is easier said than done.

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