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several MIDI controller

Martin Pfeifer

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Has anyone tried to use several class-compliant MIDI controller (those who don't require extra drivers) with WO? I am thinking about wheter it is possible to use the iConnectMIDI4+ that supports 8 MIDI devices with a powerde USB Hub to get more than one controller in WO.




Martin Pfeifer

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You do not do it with USB, you do it with MIDI. 

No, there is no support for multiple MIDI - USB converters.

That is not the way MIDI is intended to work.

MIDI is a buss, and you can daisy chain quite a few MIDI devices on a single MIDI buss.

Do not try and re-invent the wheel with USB.



There is an installation in the US with 38 WATCHPAX in a single cluster,

and there is one MIDI input to the cluster master.

On that one MIDI input are fourteen MIDI Solutions F8 interfaces,

providing 112 independent switch driven triggers.

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