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Precision problems with two identical animated compositions


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I got a weird problem with my logo animation composition for a 6 projector 360° show.

My complete show has 10080 x 1080 pixels, I've created a 5040 x 1080 pixel composition to use it for each half of the show.

When I move the second composition to the second half the elements in the compostion move to wrong positions (e.g. to far to the left).

I guess it is some kind of bad translation calculation, because if I move move the compostion more far to the right the effect gets stronger.

Any solutions?

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I think you need to post some pics for soneone to understand what you're talking about. Even a small sample show that shows the effect when run would help. Make up something with a few small media pieces just to get the message across.


You may want to look into the vanishing point and where it's located, in case you have any content positioned or rotated off the Z-plane.



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