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Hardware question


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Hey All,


I got a question about GPU/CPU coverage


Right now i'm having a display computer with:

I7 3770k

Asus sybertooth z77

16gb ram

2x 120g ssd intel

1xasus hd7970

1x capture hdsdi decklink sdi

1x capture rgb datapath



Right now i am searching the forum if i need to update my rack or not?


will i be able to use this config for 4x 1920x1080 outputs, what will be my restrictions?


i will have a congres set up with 2 duplicated screens and 1 12x4m screen dual blend HDXW20 projectors


live capture from camera for the side screens

and a laptop capture for the blended screen.

and 3 graphic layers used for the blended screen.


What will be the best solution here?


thanks in advance.





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Why don't you just tryout the system before the show.

Plug in 4 monitors and run the show to see rig capabilities ...


But if only camera capture on the side screens why use a WO here?


Any way, regardless of the rig specs I would feel safer with 2 machines one for the central screen and the other for the side screens.

Its the way I build my projects.

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  • Dataton Partner

Mitch, shouldn't be a problem at all. I've tested similar hardware with 20+ layers and live captures on each 4 outputs without a hiccup.

Of course it all depends on your source material's specs.

As Alex says, just do it in a test setup. But what I don't understand: after a system build, first thing you would do is take it on a test run driving it to the limits, wouldn't you? Otherwise you have a piece of rental equipment laying around without knowing its capabilities?!?

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Hello Walter


Thanks for the advice.

I did a test with 6 outputs but without the 2 captures running at the same time.


But the thing is i see a lot of new systems with new Vid cards and new codecs running so i was wondering if this rig still is stable enough.


otherwise i will be going for a new i7 6 core and a firepro w8100


but if not needed i wil stay on this rig. 

I bought this system 3 years a go because of a corporate tour.


and afterwards it stood still for a while. so i'm just curious whether i need to update my rig yes or no.




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  • Dataton Partner

Hi Mitch,


well, in that case it all depends on economics. With regards to hardware specs, current setup will suffice for most applications. If your rig is continuously on the road and you feel it's time to upgrade / renew since it already has paid for itself, AND you expect enough work for the coming three years, I'd upgrade (just did actually ;-)

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