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VNC Production computer


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Hello all


Is there a way to have another instance of  VNC on the production Computer where in one could witness the time line on a different computer than the Production computer.

IN our circumstance the production computer is located far away in the venue  contacted to a large midi and dmx network of various devices. and i what to sit closer to my screens to make adjustments. Watchout already uses VNC internally from production to display so would another instance of VNC cause problems?


Ben Chaisson

Playground Studios

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Hello Ben


I'm not sure if my experience will help in your situation? I find that "Team Viewer" works very well to get a good look at a production machine from another computer. I use this for mapping projections so that I can leave my production machine at front of house and then do the changes to the show and it's all saved and kept on that machine.


Hope I'm understanding your need properly?



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